KETTLER - RE 7 Recumbent Bike Review

RE 7 Kettler allows people to train rehabilitation comfortably.

Resistance :
  • Ergometer this system is equipped with an electromagnetic brake.
  • An inertia 10 kg wheel provides a very fluid pedaling with a transmission ratio of 1/8, you try to pedal the equivalent of eight turns of the flywheel.
  • The scale of resistance is 25 to 400 watts (in 5 Watts).
Ergometer function :
  • Ergometers unlike magnetic bikes are instruments calibrated to indicate the power output in watts (unit of power).
  • It’s Ideal for targeted and programmed (such as top athletes) rehabilitation under medical supervision trainings.

Console :
  • LCD with Heart Rate Light:
  • Approximate calories burned during exercise,
  • Heart rate in BPM
  • RPM: round pedals during exercise,
  • Speed during exercise,
  • Time of the year
  • Distance traveled during the session ...
  • Watts shows while you exercise,
  • Key Note as at year end,
  • Graphic display: Power profile + Heart-Rate-Light function: a change of lighting color screen informs you if you are in the optimum range of pulse. .
  • PC Interface USB, KettFit.

Technology KETTFIT :
  • Connect-Fit is our new interface to your PC. After connecting the USB integrated with your device, you can store your workout data and evaluate the training on website
  • On, personal coaches experienced accompany you with advice and tricks. You will find all the information on new products, training and software KETTLER APP.

Programs :
  • 43 preset programs that automatically vary the resistance,
  • Five programs according to your heart rate: heart rate program now the pulse within the limits defined by the profile.

Measurement of heart rate:
  • Taking your heart rate during exercise included earpieces,
  • For more precision chest belt included.

The "more” product:
  • Pedals weighted to ensure a good hold of your feet during training.
  • Trim levels to fit your device inequalities soil.
  • Threshold low crossover allows easy access.
  • Transport wheels, can easily move your camera for storage.
  • Quick setting the seat height and backrest angle
  • Adjusting the inclination of the cockpit and the handlebar.
  • 230 V mains supply
  • DIN EN 957-1/5, class HA.

Weight and dimensions:
  • Weight capacity: 150 kg.
  • Dimensions open: Length 171 cm x Width 56 cm x Height 123 cm. 
  • Structural warranty: 3 years
  • normal wear parts: 3 years

HEUBOZEN Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

Key Features

  • Self-powered model,
  • Inertial mass of 22 kg,
  • 16 electromagnetic levels ergo-meter resistance up to 300 Watts,
  • 16 programs,
  • Tactile sensors and telemetry belt series
  • Max user weight 181kg!
  • Recumbent exercise bike
The new recumbent bike is intended for professionals and individuals demanding. Its ease of use, comfort, smooth pedaling and robustness impressed many gyms and their members!

The recumbent bike is independent of any ecological external power source.

Without electric thanks to its self-supply system connection, you produce yourself the energy needed to operate!

  • Electromagnetic self-powered system.
  • Reinforced toothed belt causing a mass of 22kg!
  • 16 levels of resistance!
  • Due to its mode of operation, the recumbent is an ultra-quiet recumbent bike, allowing you to listen to music or watch TV during your session.

Adjusting the angle of the console for better visibility of this information.
Easy to use with its LCD display ( 10 x 15cm ).


Time, distance, speed, level, calories, pulse, heart rate%, RPM (Cadence), BMR, BMI, Body Fat, Watt.

  • 16 training programs offering a wide variety of exercises:
  • Manual: 16 working levels can be set
  • Manual Constant Power: Choose a level of constant resistance from 30 Watts to 300 Watts 10 10 Watts.
  • Hilly Profile programmed
  • Valley Profile programmed
  • Burning fat Profile programmed
  • Ramp: programmed Profile
  • Mountain: programmed Profile
  • Split Profile programmed
  • User Profile 1: Setting personal profile by the user.
  • User Profile 2: Setting personal profile by the user.
  • 60% FCD: 60% of the detected heart rate (FCD)
  • 75% FCD 75% of the detected heart rate (FCD)
  • 85% FCD: 85% of the detected heart rate (FCD)
  • FCC: The ideal target heart rate is selected by the user.
  • Distance: Profile distance.
  • Body Fat Test: Test the percentage of body fat.

Taking the pulse:

Taking heart rate integrated over the handlebars or for more precision sensors use the chest belt provided!

Structure and comfort
  • Heavy-duty frame and aluminum maximum stability!
  • Pedals reinforced anti-slip, self-balanced with strap.
  • Adjusting the resistance directly handles or on the console.
  • Head XXL vinyl texture comfort.
  • Quick adjustment of the seat length of 20 positions zipper. (Quick and easy machine adaptation to different users).
  • Quick Setting folder on 4 positions zipper.
  • Threshold low crossover for ease of installation.
  • The seat and pedals are aligned to ensure a position that meets the bio-mechanical constraints, minimizing the risk of injury.
  • Compensatory levels front and rear!
  • Rubber transport wheels for easy transport of the unit.
  • Double door bottle to stay hydrated during your workout

Hydration is crucial in any endurance sport. Poor hydration inevitably leads to a decline in performance and can cause tendonitis and other health problems. Endurance athletes should drink before, during and after exercise on a regular basis.

  • Length: 180 cm
  • Width: 71 cm
  • Height: 133 cm
  • Weight: 80 kg
  • Max. User: 181kg
97% of the buyers achieve their goals by combining the purchase of a device to a dietary supplement!


  • Structure lifetime warranty
  • Normal wear parts warranty 3 years
  • Nine exchange warranty 1 year

DOMYOS VA510 Recumbent Exercise Bike Review

  • Fluidity
16 levels of motorized resistance, flywheel: 6 kg

  • Home comfort
Mesh seat: optimal back support and breathability

  • Activity Analysis
New console. Function "quickstart". 10 programs. Computer opponent mode.

  • Interactivity
Cardio belt provided, based phone.

  • Easy storage
Ergonomic handle and transport wheels for easy transport

  • Easy to use
Depth adjustment of the seat for comfort. 5 sizes: XS to XL


Domyos Club, the biggest gym in Europe in attendance, sitting bicycles are used more than traditional exercise bikes. The recumbent bike is especially indispensable for rehabilitation therapy partner.

DOMYOS VM120 Exercise Bike Review

Flywheel: 3 kg.
Stability of the bike: 9/10
8 levels of difficulty

Home comfort
Pedaling smooth and quiet
Simple mechanical adjustments

Ease of use
New intuitive console, 1 button and 5 functions
Auto-scan mode

Measuring physical activity
Console display: distance traveled, calories burned, time, speed, period.

Easy storage
Exercise Bike compact for easy storage

Coaching MP3 Compatible Domyos network.

The bike, your asset as
The bike reproduces the movements of the classic bike. It works the muscles of the lower, namely the glutenous, thighs and calves. Whether you are a beginner or sport long, the bike allows you to achieve several objectives: • weight loss. • improve endurance. • get in shape. • tone your muscles.

How to choose a bike?
You must choose the bike as the athletics, the size, frequency of use and its objective (cardiac rehabilitation, functional or weight loss ...). It will therefore take into account criteria such as practice, the fluidity of pedaling, counter, comfort and storage.

Who is the bike?
The bike is suitable for all! Simple to use, just be sure to set your VM to your size to begin your training. For good practice bike, it is advisable to consult a doctor before starting training.